I Tried Going Commando For 7 Days. Here’s How I Felt ‘Down There’ After A Week Without Panties

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What Does “Going Commando” Mean?

what is going commando

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According to Urban Dictionary, going commando is the practice of “not wearing any underpants.”

That’s about it — it’s really straight forward.

All you have to do in order to “go commando” is to just not put on underwear.

Benefits Of Going Commando

LT commando

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When you take off your underwear, you give your “down there” area a chance to air out.

Many people think that skipping undies is somehow be dirtier than wearing underwear, but that’s often not the case.

benefits of going commando

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In fact, not wearing panties has a lot of health benefits, including: keeping infections at bay, feeling fresher, improving your sex life, avoiding wedgies, and getting rid of visible panty lines.

Want to learn more about the benefits of going without undergarments? Check out this LittleThings article on the subject.

The Experiment

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For the experiment, I would go commando for an entire week.

Obviously, not wearing underwear on the weekends is pretty easy, especially if you’re just staying around home and lounging for most of the day.

Because it was so simple to leave my skivvies in the drawer on weekends, I knew I had to try the experiment during the work week as well — that’s where the real challenge would come in.

green jumpsuit

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On the first day, I thought a lot about my outfit. I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable, so I went with this olive green jumpsuit.

The fabric is a super soft jersey-type material. Although it’s really cozy, it always shows panty lines — so going commando actually helped a lot with that problem!

exercise commando

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Later that week, I pulled on a pair of leggings to go to a workout class.

I was positive this would be the worst part of my week, but it actually wasn’t bad at all! Not wearing underwear didn’t feel much different than just wearing a thong.

jeans outfit

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Even though LittleThings has a casual work environment, I wanted to be true to my daily style and wear what I typically wear: jeans.

I was nervous about wearing jeans without underwear, but it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be — it actually felt just like wearing the other outfits.

sweaty commando

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My least favorite undies-free activity was definitely walking around outside in the heat.

With the sun beating down on me, I got really sweaty — and without underwear to catch the sweat, I had beads of sweat rolling down my back and legs (it’s gross, I know).


leggings outfit

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I thought I wouldn’t enjoy going commando — I thought it would be a lot like going braless — but I was surprised by how comfortable I actually was.

The process was a lot easier than I expected. It was not only pleasant, but it made me feel free and confident.

Final Thoughts

commando final thoughts

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Would I go commando again? Definitely! I’ll probably avoid going commando on really hot days, but I’d definitely go without underwear again, especially for outfits that show panty lines.

Would I recommend going commando to a friend? Of course! Everyone should try going commando, even if it’s just during the weekend.

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