Premiere: Erin K. has “No Control” in stunning new video

There’s no experience more isolating or freeing than being completely alone in nature.

This fantasy of solitude and wanderlust is exactly what Erin K. conjures up in her new music video for “No Control,” the third single off of her upcoming album Little Torch. The lush, colorful video showcases barren, solitary pockets of Iceland adorned only by Erin K. Shot by award-winning director Stefano Poletti, we see Erin K. laying down on an empty road in an effervescent yellow dress and brandishing a ribbon as she runs around Iceland’s glaciers and black-sand beaches. Think Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” with a much less doleful tone (and less bikers running around setting things on fire).

“No Control” in itself is a lively pop cut bolstered by horns and tambourine, framing Erin K.’s honest delivery and telling a story of throwing caution to the wind in the search for freedom. The chorus is a cry out for the kind of delicious solitude Erin K. craves: “Every little thing’s gonna make you run / Every little thought’s gonna push you down again / When’s it gonna stop ’cause it’s getting old / I gave it all I got, I’ve got no control.” She’s calling out for a life of exploration on her own terms, for the kind of adventurous dreams most of us can’t commit too. She invites you to lose control in a sparse landscape, and you can’t help but want to join her.

Erin K. has been described by NME as “filthy-mouthed indie darling,” so it’s interesting to find her subdued in this video, the epitome of a floaty spirit meandering about a deserted landscape. Despite not embodying the punchy energy that has propelled her status in the U.K. on “No Control,” she remains entirely captivating as she invites viewers to lose control with her. If you had to wander around Iceland’s intensely solitary pockets, wouldn’t you want her as a guide?

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