Robin McGraw reveals hersecrets to a happy marriage as she surprises him with loving video on 39th wedding anniversary

After nearly four decades of marriage, Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw are still madly in love.

And to celebrate their 39-year anniversary on Thursday, Robin decided to surprise her husband with a loving display of her artistic ability.

Robin, an owner of her own health and beauty products line, posted a video featuring herself painting a picture filled with hearts and sweet nothings dedicated to her TV personality husband.

The five-minute clip was posted at midnight on Thursday evening, just as the 39-year anniversary became official.

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Surprise! Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife, surprised her husband for the couple’s 39th anniversary by posting a loving video of her painting a heart-filled canvas – the pair say joy in every day is what keeps them together

Personal: The video features Ed Sheeran’s song Thinking Out Loud, which the couple describes as ‘their’ song


The couple have also shared their secrets to their happy union with Dr. Phil told on Friday: ‘If you can be 39 years into a marriage and at some point in the day you can be filled with joy, you have won the lottery.’

His wife said there is one important thing which she believes keeps her and Dr Phil, 61, together.

It was a decision to put each other’s happiness above all.

Robin says: ‘A lot of times in a marriage, one or the other will want to be right and will sacrifice happiness for that. I decided not to do things that would make him mad and make him unhappy. I made a conscious choice not to do those things.’

It is what inspired her to surprise her husband with a beautiful video, which shows her lovingly painting a piece of art for him.

The five-minute clip was posted at midnight on Thursday evening, just as the 39-year anniversary became official.

Set to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, the song has important meaning for the couple.

Robin, who wears the same veil she wore on her wedding day in the clip, said: ‘There are quite a few lines in that song which really relate to us. I got married to him (Dr Phil) at 23 – I love it and I wanted to use it.’

Nearly four decades: Phil and Robin have been together for 39-years and they have two kids together – Jay McGraw, 36, and Jordan McGraw, 29; the couple is seen here at’s June party at Cannes

Dr Phil revealed he was sitting at his computer at midnight when he saw the video for the first time: ‘I’m really hard to surprise and really hard to shock. I was certainly shocked and surprised. I had no idea.’

‘All of a sudden I am looking at this beautiful woman in a white dress and next thing she is holding a paint roller and i am was like; “what in the world is going on here?”

‘I watched this whole production – she painted that whole painting – she worked on it for five or six hours. Frankly I was overwhelmed. On the one hand I was shocked and surprised but on the other nothing she does shocks and surprises me.

‘She is the most loving artistic person you have ever met . I was looking at that and thinking: “I cannot believe I am married to this woman and I cannot believe she did that thing for me.”

Robin, on the verge of tears at her husbands words said: ‘I always wanted to do something special for him. He really truly deserves it. I did that project with so much love. I feel like when you watch it you really see the love.’

Dr Phil: ‘You see a lot of love in the video. You also see a lot of grace. The thing that jumped out to me is she had so much joy in her face when she was doing it. Sometimes she just brims over with joy.’

The TV personality took to social media to show his gratitude for Robin, writing: ‘It just rolled over to midnight and my 39th anniversary and I was surprised by the most amazing and loving video by my amazing and loving wife of 39 years,’ he wrote.

‘You must take 5 minutes and watch this and you will understand why we are 39 years and counting!!! I am hard to impress and even harder to shock but she did both. (I love you Robin, you have done it again!)’

Stunning: As an anniversary present to each other the couple re-decorated their bedroom

The couple who have also treated each other to a complete re-decoration of their bedroom as an anniversary present, had more wise words for couples when it comes to staying the distance.

Dr Phil said: ‘The key to marriage is watch your partner and if they are not smiling change what you are doing.’

The couple say they really dislike screaming and yelling and never argue.

The TV star joked: ‘I’ve learnt when she says; “Now listen”, that is 30 seconds short of being hit in the head with a frying pan!

‘I have a philosophy that when a women says: ‘What’ it isn’t she didn’t hear what you said, she is giving you a chance to change what she said.’

The pair are also frank about the importance of sex in a relationship.

Robin said: ‘People talk about make up sex – if I had a big screaming blow up there is going to be a long time before I want to have sex. It should be all about happy sex.’

They both have concerns about the next generation and their attitude towards intimacy.

Dr Phil said: ‘I really worry because I think they have skipped a couple of chapters, because they have been bombarded with all these sexual images from different categories.

‘A big part sex is emotion. If it isn’t about emotion and it is just a physical release then it gets really mechanical. That is where you are sealing your fate, you are doomed. If you want a genuine intimacy with someone that is where you really forge a bond and have the kind of relationship that lasts across time.

‘We have been together for 43 years – you don’t do that based on a physical connection.

Robin added coyly: ‘When I kick those shoes off in that video it is very intimate. I knew he would love that.

‘I truly think he is adorable, and I watch what makes him smile. I do all kind of things, I know he thinks I am cute and I flirt with him.’

Robin and Dr Phil, have two sons – Jay McGraw, 36, and Jordan McGraw, 29.

They say many couples can struggle because they just won’t evolve with each other.

Dr Phil said: ‘Bored people are boring. If someone says I am bored in my marriage then you are boring. Robin, she has evolved through our marriage.

‘You don’t get the same person five years or ten years ago. She is ther same girl at 19 but she is added to, she is multi dimensional. People can stagnate.’

The couple had to face down rumours their marriage was on the rocks back in 2008, which were completely untrue and had no basis.

It is something which they dealt with together and they have advice for anyone who may have to go through a difficult situation with their partner.

Dr Phil said: ‘What worked for us and works for everyone, you work the problem. The ill saying divide and conquer, those things can only get to you if you let them divide you.

‘Transparency if the key. If someone if taking shots at you, or gossiping about you, you need to sit down privately and talk about it. Be honest. You are completely transparent about it.

‘Most people sit in the dark. Turn the lights on and talk about it honestly’

The TV star has plenty more wisdom to impart, and will soon be lending his talents to with an upcoming daily TV show.

The live series will unveil in Fall of 2016 and it will cover topics including breaking news, exclusive stories, politics, US and world news, crime, health, lifestyle, fashion and showbiz.

During Daily Mail’s June yacht party at Cannes Lions, Dr. Phil said: ‘When you take Daily Mail and turn it into a television show and bring off the vibrancy of that website, alive on broadcast television, it makes sense for everybody.’